Too Thin To Plow

Muskegon River, June 9, 2015

The temperature finally got slightly above stupid this morning. Enough so to head out for the first Muskegon River run of the year.

These are both from a foggy run up the north branch after putting in at Fisherman’s Landing. The fog was so thick that it didn’t burn off until way later in the morning.

What was intended to be a short run to check for leaks and other equipment issues went way longer which explains the arms that feel like overcooked spaghetti!

Muskegon River, June 9, 2015

Back To The Track, Jack

After so many weeks with single digit temperatures, a 32° morning can seem relatively toasty. That changes after a few long exposures, when the fingers get so numb that they can no longer open the camera shutter.

This Muskegon rail yard picture from last week was taken just before that chilly reality prompted a walk back home.

Muskegon Train Yard, March 11, 20156