Border Barn, October 15, 2008

When you get used to meandering around Muskegon County, it’s easy to become spoiled. Not just from the lovely sites and lovely people, but also by what a fantastic walking area we have here.

Our good fortune is especially noticeable when business takes you away – as during this fall trip to northern Indiana, which may be the most inhospitable place for a morning trek – with the possible exception of the Grand Rapids’ “S” curve.

Not only these folks so enamored of the RV that they forgot to build sidewalks…anywhere. They then reinforce that lapse with shoulders so steep that you have no choice but to 1) walk altogether too close to the road or 2) go back to bed and forget the whole thing.

Not being smart enough to choose Door #2, your’s truly spent over an hour nearly rubbing elbows with every oncoming, velocity-abusing SUV in the Greater Elkhart area, before finding this great old barn near the Michigan border.

Border Barn, October 15, 2008

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